Automated visual inspection… it is possible!

Along with automated inspection of forging and casting components for vehicles, we are constantly investigating new areas related to component inspection.

New initiative

Inspection systems for large components

Hand-eye robot
Mounting a proprietary SCREEN imaging head on the end of a robot arm improves handling of large components with distinctive shapes.
Chuckless transfer
A new alignment mechanism enables chuckless transfer. This eliminates the need to change the setup of the system, permitting the inspection of a wider range of items.
Adopting a new modular design with the imaging unit at its core improves support for individual customer requirements such as cycle times and installation space.

Examples of desired improvements


Reduce inspector effort and stress
Resolve inspection and automation issues
Introduce even partial system automation
Ensure adequate recruitment of inspectors


Eliminate the outflow of serious defects
Improve the consistency of product quality
Maintain quality standards and cut reject rates

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